Looking Back: My Top 3 Language Fears Revisited

It’s been a long time since I’ve really written, but today I feel like sharing in this medium again. If you haven’t seen it yet, I started a podcast at the end of February (you can find all the episodes wherever you enjoy listening to […]

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on behavioral tendencies I have that affect me as a language learner. I began my Podcast one month ago, and while I’ve always planned to talk about a range of language learning topics (and I will), the perfectionism piece […]

Top 3 Fears I’m Facing in My Language Journey

* I wrote this article in May 2021 as we were winding down our time in Italy and preparing to move to Germany. Thanks to technical problems and moving country, I never published it. Five months later, finally feeling settled, I decided to come back […]

Maximizing the Utility of Language Learning Advice

One thing I’ve loved about effective language self-study is that it follows a similar skeletal structure as other activities we want to habituate. When losing weight, for example, I followed a process to define my why, set SMART goals, track my progress, and reward myself. […]


On 3 May 2021, thanks to the brilliant idea from language enthusiast, teacher, and coach, Lindsay Williams from Lindsay Does Languages, I participated in a language marathon. What I really love about this idea is that Lindsay, true to her teaching and coaching style, encouraged […]

Language and Culture Shocks

Most people are probably familiar with the term “culture shock.” It’s that feeling of uncertainty or anxiety when moving or travelling to another country. When a lot of little things happen in a short amount of time that remind you that you aren’t in Kansas […]

Mind Your Language Progress

It’s been awhile since I’ve had an Italian iTalki session. Though I have countless opportunities to speak the language with native speakers daily, I like iTalki because it takes off the pressure to perform and gives me space to speak freely, making all the mistakes […]

March 2021 Goal Review

Until recently, let’s say 2020, I’ve never been consistently good at making SMART goals. I always have long-term goals that I work toward, but making them measurable, realistic, and timely often falls by the wayside. Consequently, I’ve never gotten into the habit of tracking my […]

Becoming Imperfect Through Languages, Part 1: I Am A Perfectionist

Hello, my name is Heidi, and I am a perfectionist. I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t a perfectionist, most specifically with respect to school. I had perfect school attendance from kindergarten through high school graduation. I thought my life was […]

Goals, Fluency, and the Finisher

One of my greatest struggles with language learning is setting goals. In the beginning, before I knew better, I did what most bright eyed and bushy tailed language learners do – I made my goal “fluency.” I wanted to be fluent in Italian, the language […]

Diving into German Uncovered

Hello, hello! Having given a sort-of history of my path to learning German so far, my goal for today is to dig a little deeper into German Uncovered by Olly Richards and Kerstin Cable and also give a broad picture view of how I’m using […]

German from the Beginning

Finally, I’m going to dig into the main reason I started this blog in the first place – to share my journey learning the German language. Formally, I’ve been self-studying German for about 6 weeks as of this writing. Informally, I’ve thumbed through some German […]

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Pros and Cons to Language Learning While Living Abroad

I first started learning Italian because, well, we moved to Italy. What a dream, right? Move to a country and be surrounded by the language. Full immersion! My kids and I will be completely fluent in a year or two! Wrong. So wrong. This is […]

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Welcome to Love, Joy, and Languages

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my little nook of the internet – Love, Joy, and Languages. First, allow me to introduce myself. So, I’m Heidi Lovejoy (she/her). I’m a 30-something mother of two, Kentucky-raised lover of math, and adventurous wanderer finally discovering my truest self […]

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